Ford Ranger

This is a picture of a 1974 F100 custom 390 with a C6 transmission, it’s a two wheel drive. Future project of 2017, the owners had put work into it recently to stop it from over heating; but nothing has worked. It’s in our hands now.


First Project car of 2017

We got an old standard VW bug that was involved in a car accident a few years back. It had been sitting like this for the past three years. Besides the fact that the fender is jammed into the tire, the trunk wont open and the steering column is loose. We have to change all the fuel line hoses since they are dry rotted and spray gas everywhere. Car has busted windows, a cat had been sleeping in it so interior needs to be redone.


link to website:Queen of Diamonds Automotive and Custom Body

Queen of Diamonds Automotive and Custom Body

Hello excerpt

First off this is a school project. Everything I say here is something that I will eventually obtain in the future. These are my goals, but for now I’m going to take advantage of this school assignment, and use it as a learning experience, like intended. My page would just be images of ‘projects’ myself or crew members are ‘currently’ working on.



link to website:Queen of Diamonds Automotive and Custom Body